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The Ultrabronz



If you’ve never tried European Style Tanning;


you’ve been missing the best tan available without the sun! 



Ultrabronz 818 Beds are different; Here's how:

  • UVA – Ultraviolet A output is the most responsible way to tan: you get a deeper penetrating ray that provides a deep, long lasting, Bronze tan.


  • UVB – Ultraviolet B output can cause you to burn. It also provides Vitamin D.
  • Our Ultrabronz 818 tanning bed is a powerful 18, 1000-watt high-pressure lamp, UVA bed with filters that limit UVB output to less than one tenth of a percent (.0487 of 1%) – the lowest of all tanning beds.


  • A natural-looking Ultrabronz tan lasts four times longer; burned skin exfoliates in seven days or less from a regular bed.
  • Just 1% UVB exposure burns most types of skin.


  • Traditional UVB beds and low or medium pressure UVA beds output from 3% to 9.9% UVB (on a sunny day, UVB exposure ranges from 1-3%); Ultrabronz high-pressure UVA tanning beds reduce the chance of burning.

We've been told by many clients "There's no other bed like it, in or around Columbus"

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